Saturday, August 12, 2017

8.11.17 - Impulsive, some revenge trading,


Mostly scalping, stayed small, commission free, but still allowed my emotions to run. That got the best of me. I got to thinking just because I am finally commission free and losing the bully pimp brokers out there like TDA, Scott trade, etc.. and Robin hood has finally ably made it possible for me to actually go to better learning on my own in trading without making their 70k/year in commissions for the active traders.. God, I can finally get moving on better.


Played this one better

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

FYI- I took Friday off after market but here is the skinny

BBY dropped below support, guessed wrong 90
NIHD penny gamble, spi like, nope, too tight bid/ask -900
NTNX 2 missed longs of g/p -580
NVDA morning scalp accepted risk, I did, no order in mkt -570
SINO total accidetn, how I got short HTB, 800
SPI Penny stock, vol, runner, filled, limit order, 2800

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Installment #2 : How risk reward over time with probability makes more sense day trading

This is really not that hard to 'get'. The delusion is :do you have the technical skills to find such probability in the day trading set ups?

Image result for risk reward ratio graphs

That is the key. For without this, my little blurb is just that, a blurb...something you do after you drink a coke.. or would I better say burp...

Image result for risk reward ratio graphs

Look- if you set 2:1 risk/reward, but win 80% of the time, which is not that difficult when it comes to understanding technical trading. Say a winner is $100, and a loser is $200. You would make $8k , and lose $4k. That's a 50% ROI. . That is also taking into account the technical skills to scratch a trade short, take small losses and gains, yada , yada.. and it gets better the better you get.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


ALXN- WEll I seem to have dip bought trend correct again.. I didn't even use ABCD, but rather gear and perking, prior days close, whole half dollar marks, careful risk reward.. of course I coudl always have put more together for the perfect storm.. but will pull a 400$ bill any day on that

 GLYC- i was 'right' on this but wrong on my set risk, FK. That hurts, I did speculate right that it would play off its previous close as support. I was correct, and bet correct, but I set my stop too tight relative to morning price action, and I think this is what Nate means about being careful with that morning stop action. Sure one can still stop, but I thin 1.5:1 is reasonable in morning action. the swings are just that much more violent. And there will be that loser at time. so 500 shares in the am seems ligti for a 264$ loss and gain of 300..I find I am best to see that, because I can condition myself to be ready to accept that. I lost a 400$ bill for it, good lessson though

 NVDA - First time I really dip bought and trimmed the trend .25 at a time. Seems worth the commission too on trending lines.. because bagging profits and rebuying dips on relative price levels, vwamp, seems to be better than holding through the whole thing. I made a grand on this thing all told today, I seemed to catch and spot the gearing and perking action better relative to VWAP and see how the trade unfolds, it was a tad more predictable intrady. That morning action Nate does is sick, I think that comes with time, after a good measure of consistent ability to get house money happens. I

TCS - failed abcd, i find I can get a little better at knowing when to take the trade off if the D, didn't happen. So I can better pay attention to that. Though at this point in my learning, I find that being able to hold and let it play out, is still something I am best to stay glued to the screen about, of course size has something to do with this too. I dealt with my patience issue, and the only thing i could learn was to be patient and let it play out, so as to get a better feel of the time it takes for something to play out, adn the way the gear and perk and volume behavior can work together, but I admit this one kinda had me thinking the volume was going to D it... paid $204 to learn. Will it stick?

Installment #1 : Breaking past the Traders Fallacy or Gamblers's fallacy- probability over fallacy over time

Really - why doesn't anyone try to dispel this myth? Like sure, there is risk in business, right? And is not america the great american experiment? Still evolving? And idea? What then is rationally to be expected when participating in the idea of trading?  Ok, so perhaps I'm arguing the point that there is risk in trading, and risk in gambling, so as there is risk in living?

Now ok, ok, i too get sick of hearing the "con front put on" by so many stock marketeers that in some way 'their grass roots' stories, charming and highly personalized, echo with a sense of resonance that 'we all can relate too' bull shit.. That is what it is.. bullshit pure and simple, perhaps greased up a tad better to taste good to you on the way down , then sicken you and leave your ass hole bleeding on the street to rot and die like a bad  fkn joke, while they the perpetrating marketeer or promoter sickens themselves with the poisonous kool aid to all.. So what is the cure? Don't ask me , ask yourself...

I am not here to go tell it on a mountain what the fuck you should be doing, especially with your money or your trading- though the tales of how many chumpfucks follow their dicks to their grave with the lure of easy - responsibility free money. It exists, sure, along with a stay in psychiatric treatment, jail, addictions, false vain realities.. and right on pal! it exists! Yes go for it, then write me back a year later? I want to know! yip fkn wee...

So anyway, I guess it is pick your poison? Get sick of the shit heading down the straight and narrow path of making your own mistakes, getting your own headaches, seeing your own patterns, looking at your own sizing matter, looking at your own system, tooling your own system, wondering if you are bothering yourself with bad news, right news, right technical, wrong technicals, etc.. etc... .making your own mistakes, and learning to not delude your own self while you stare at your computer idealistically thinking you got that 'edge' on the market and you and your hard cocksure self can do it.. yeah you got that path to a pain in the fucking neck to learn...or just go fucking 'get lucky' and call yourself a stud- but like the story almost always goes- easy come easy go..

As if you need me to go 'give you a piece of my mind'? REally. How many wall street trade chump fucks out there make a good buck, and remain their own 'undealt with inner bullshit selves?" Just asking.. will call this installment 1

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I am not a pro. I traded without being able to really see my plan, but more so, not really being able to be a good judge of what an optimal opportunity is.. I find myself entering a trade with 2:1 ro 3:1 risk reward idea, but really trade as a scalper.. that is not sustainable. I am not afraid to admit that. I work at improving it. Trading may not be for me, it may never be for me.. and even if it is for me, whoopee, it is not the holy grail. Successful consistently disciplined and profitable trading and the bank roll that might come with it, does in no way mean jack shit, other than money...not friends, health ( mental or physical) , money won't spare me life's relationship pains, family dysfunction, corruption, slave holding government antics, it won't spare me the host of other 'rich man's problems'.. I like to remind myself of that. It won't spare me being a marked man, a target on my back, subject of extortion or blackmail, of being followed, cased, set up, etc.. none of that..but why let that stop me from being more rich and pursuing more riches? Money doesn't solve my other choices of how to spend time being involved in matters that tend to mean something to me - like the gym, dating, cooking, traveling, drinking alcohol, working on my physical and mental health with other tools.. I am as free to neglect important areas of my life, regardless of my riches, duh? Did you need a trader to mentor you into that? There are 'those' you-know-whos out there happy to pimp your shit blind, walk you off a cliff singing the yellow brick road, all the while they too struggle with calling the suicide hotline for their own perpetuation's dehumanizing plays.. yippee, go tell your mom dad or kids.. 

Here are my trades today, mostly losers, except one revenge trade on CBLI late in the day to 'go to tell the market how much of a hot shot I am" - right.. like im gonna chump myself into that line of bullshit.


ALXN - In case you can't see how much of a chump on this I was, I sized in small, and still couldn't bring myself to understand the 'falling knife' i was catching here.. and couldn't hold, even after the first candle tested up.. what a fkn chump I am? huh? You like it? Good laugh your ass off and make an example out of me , and what the fuck not to do.. .go fkn laugh to choke and die mthrfcker.

CBLI - My revenge trade , too large size 5k shares. yep, I wanted to go show the market like some other trader i heard sound like me, that  I was hot shit, and can get back just as fast as it happend to take it away. Yeah, I sure as fk did. See look I am bad ass trader mthrfker that everyone sweats when I enter the fkn room.. kum ba fkn yah... my ass.... 

GLYC - Another hurry up and chase stock... when its ok to chase? it was, and i was right, and on time relatively to the dance.. problem. I sized it too much to my risk level and yep, like a chump , broke my own rules.. serves me the fk right. when , if , will i ever fkn learn? Like an addict that re injures himself and sabotages over and over and over.. who constantly sees the light at the end of the tunnel as a train wreck waiting to happen, who sees sex as power trip con game of who controls who, who sees life as an ugly joke on the the world and oneself, only to replay that ugly projection out onto the stock market trading and show everyone ( as if anyone reads this shit aside from NSA trolls waiting to extort me with child porn evident planting on my pc, and turn me into a punitively psychiatric example of how to suck their dick, and swallow when they say swallow, to make it know they are in control, they are the pimps, they allow me to lose my money in the stock market, and all anyone is worth is indivuated units of labor and tax.)  Yeah i got a lot work to do here to beat the shit out myself more, and do so with not on iota of threat to anyone, or myself. I just need to vent on my blog.. I am sure the NSA might want to hack into my blog too ( with that fkn oozing creep energy that makes em less than a pedaphile who specifically works in places with mentallly handicapped toddlers, and baths them while rubbing his erection in the mouths of the innocent , unknowing toddlers)..  and put some language on here that I didn't even craft.... God, the fkn ways, our beloved home team government functions to 'protect us' .. right?... Yeah, that is my right to speak about what I think about the level of behavioral dynamics deployed by NSA customer service rep who sits on his desk and gets off making sure my taxi business, trading efforts, are somehow not anti patriotic...  I say this with fully unconditional lover and good will for the humanity and human being-ness of my NSA, FBI, CIA... I mean that, I recognize and respect the fullest dignity, and right to opinion, this country I sit in, is supposed to have. I would defend ones right to criticize my actions and words too.. as I too will offer to exercise my reciprocity to that as well... With unending and abiding brotherly love , unconditional love and respect to the internal humanity and inalienable rights fo being-hood with equality and impartiality, and 0, and I mean 0 insinuation of threat of mental, physical harm to anyone in anyway... simply my right to speak my opinion and judgments on the actions of others.. and again, not rating the respectful, dignified, and unconditional love I hold toward fellow human beings. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Some action today : NVDA, GNC QCOM TRIP HUN DYN

I'll put the charts down so you can see the entrance and exits, and I'll describe my reason for entering and exiting, and set up. Again, there is still some not text book risk taking going on. I find its best I keep trading some until I get to where I can identify my set ups all the more, and can effectively scan for what I konw I can play. At some level, this is what IU says, is Work. Its like a job, and can be pursued like one, in the sense of showing up and exercising discipline.  

NVDA:  g/p ) GEAR AND PERK, scalp on B- did it a few time used bracket order

GNC early C guess

QCOM higher low on C, fail

scalp bounce bracket play 

HUN c move , g/p ruff eod runner guess fail

DYN  scalp short off bounce bracket play